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Clean Site Dumpsters FAQ’s About Dumpster Rental
in Nashville, TN

Have Questions About dumpster rental

We Have Answers!

Who can rent a dumpster?

We are here to help anyone with our Dumpster Rental Services. Our clients range from home owners, businesses, real estate agents, charity organizations, and contractors.

How far in advance do I need to order my dumpster?

It’s always best to book your dumpster service as far in advance as possible to ensure its availability and our ability to deliver it the day you need it. Keep in mind our busiest days are Mondays and Fridays. While we are always thankful for advanced notice, we realize a timely delivery is critical to keeping your project moving on time and budge. While speed of service is based on availability, typically, as long as you place an order by noon we will be able to deliver a dumpster, same day or next business day.

Will you pick up the dumpster sooner than 7 days?

Absolutely. Whenever its full, give us a Call, Email, or text and we will be right over.

Would we be able to keep the dumpster longer than 7 days?

Of course we have several options for time frames. If you want to keep the Dumpster Rental longer its simply 15 dollars a day. You can extend at any time.

How high can I load the dumpster?

We ask that you don’t load the dumpster above the top rails. This helps us with safe transportation of the Dumpster. If the dumpster is improperly loaded, you may be responsible for additional charges.

What size Dumpster do I need?

Ultimately that is going to depend on your project size. We have three different sizes in our roll off dumpsters – 10, 15, and 20 yards.

Our 10 Yard Roll Off Dumpsters
4’ Tall x12’ long x 7.5’ wide
Designed to fit in tight places, including a garage.
Medium/Larger Kitchen or bath remodels
Large scale move ins or outs
Community projects
Flood or fire restoration
1500 sq ft of single layer roof shingles

Our 15 Yard Roll Off Dumpsters
5’ tall x 14’ long x 7.5 wide
Home Renovations
Large scale movie ins, or outs
Flood or fire restoration
Community projects
2500 sq ft of single layer roof shingles

Our 20 Yard Roll Off Dumpsters
6’ Tall x 16’ long x 7.5 Wide
Large scale home Renovations or New construction
Flood or Fire restoration
Community Projects
3500 sq ft of single layer roof shingles.

What’s Included when I order a dumpster?

Each of our dumpster rentals includes one dumpster delivery to your home, office, or construction site, up to a full week rental, and dump fees ( up to designated weight limits.) The rental period maybe increased for an addition fee.

How much trash will you haul off?

When you order your Dumpster, our friendly customer service representatives will let you know the weight limit on the dumpster you order. This is all determined by the size of the Roll Off Dumpster. Larger Roll Off Dumpsters will hold more trash and we are happy to take care of that trash for you.

What can NOT be placed in the dumpsters?

Tires, Batteries, Paint, Rock, Dirt, and Concrete

What kind of debris do you dispose of?

Our specialty is working with most types of home improvements, demolition, and clean out, junk removal projects. However there are some items we simply do not have the resources to dispose of per EPA guidelines. Those items include:
Biohazardous materials/Medical waste
Paint ( Dried paint cans are allowed )
Propane tanks
Equipment containing gas or oil

Can the dumpster be put on the street?

Each municipality has different regulations and permit requirements concerning our roll off dumpsters placed on private property, streets or any other public right of way. Contact your local municipality and they will provide you with the regulations and costs to purchase any necessary permits. Clean Site Dumpsters is not responsible for obtaining proper permits.

Will the container damage my driveway or landscaping?

We take every precaution to ensure that your property is protected. However even with all our precautions there is always the potential of damage to your property. This damage could be caused by the weight of the container, or poor surface conditions. Clean Site Dumpsters is not financially liable for any damages caused by normal dumpster operations.